ABOUT The Damage Doctors, LLC

The Damage Doctors, LLC is the whole package! We not only offer water removal and dry out services, fire and smoke damage restoration, sewage cleanup and sanitization, but also mold detection, removal and remediation services! The Damage Doctors, LLC is the top-ranked restoration company in your area, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your restoration needs—when you need us most! We love answering questions, and we want to help you resolve your water, fire, or sewage damage or air duct cleaning or mold issues fast! Since these problems often go hand-in-hand, it helps to know that you can call one professional team that can handle everything all at once!



Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration & Dry Out Services

Water damage is particularly time-sensitive in nature, not only because the damage can worsen as water seeps more deeply into porous surfaces, but also because of possible exposure to contaminants in the water, and finally because moisture encourages mold.

Mold Removal

Mold Detection, Removal, and Remediation Services

Mold can colonize a property in a very short amount of time. It needs very little encouragement, only an organic surface (such as wood, and even some types of plaster or drywall) and moisture. To truly get rid of mold, it’s not enough to locate and remove it. Unless the conditions that made that location so favorable are remediated, there is nothing to prevent the mold from returning again and again

Fire Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Our fire damage restoration professionals can tackle even the worst fire and smoke damage with the speed and efficiency it takes to complete a full restoration of your property. Not only that, but we guarantee a complete removal of all lingering moisture, odors, and other traces from the affected area, preventing the onset of progressive damage. Our attention to detail allows us to detect every instance of damage and eradicate it, whether that means the replacement, cleaning, sterilization, or even sealing up the surfaces of materials that remain sound but have experienced scorching, in order to prevent lingering odors.

Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup Cleaning / Drying

When sewage damage strikes, the effects are unpleasant, to say the least—bad smells, property damage, and the risk of contamination by harmful pathogens, just to start. When a disaster like sewage backup strikes in your home or business, you need to act fast. By calling in a professional team as soon as you are able, your chances of recovering affected materials improves. In order to avoid problems with mold, bacteria, and other unsavory guests, it’s important to make sure that all traces of extra moisture are dried out thoroughly. Also, while the smell of cleaning agents may temporarily overpower the smell, any odors that are not dealt with and mitigated at their source will eventually return. At Help You Dry, we use only green, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that have been specifically created for the task of complete cleanup and deodorization.

Carpet Cleaning

Insurance / Real Estate Professional

The Damage Doctors, LLC cares about its business partners. We understand that you need to refer damage mitigation and restoration services to your clients. While our primary concern is the satisfaction of your client, we also understand the need to limit the liability of our partners. Using state of the art techniques and technology, we can achieve just that. Call us today to discuss how a partnership with The Damage Doctors, LLC can help you achieve your goals in claims handling.

Why Choose The Damage Doctors, LLC

"I would recommend The Damage Doctors, LLC for any type of building emergency. When they were finished there was not one bit of debris or evidence of the massive water damage. They are very professional and a pleasure to do business with!"
-WAYNE NIXON, Basking Ridge, Nj
"I was surprised with how fast they restored my building after the flood. I have had many restoration companies in my business, but The Damage Doctors, LLC is by far the best. I will definitely be using them again in the future (hoping I don’t have another claim). Great company all around!"
-MIKE RUNDELL- CEO, Philadelphia, PA
"Have absolutely nothing negative to say about this company. They did a great job with restoring my home after the fire. Thank you!"
-PEGGY YOUNG, Pottstown, PA
"The Damage Doctors, LLC employees are among the most considerate and hard working. They made sure to call me if they were running a few minutes late, have worked around my schedule and also listened to everything I wanted done and perfected it. They meticulously cleaned all of my damaged furniture, while revamping the part of my house affected by the fire. I strongly recommend this company to anyone in need of restoration or content cleaning."
-HUAN NGUYEN, Lancaster, PA
"I am always very skeptical about letting strangers into my home, but within our first meeting I knew that I could trust them. All of the workers presented themselves professionally and caring. They left my home in a better condition than it was before our mold damage. I highly recommend this company, thank you for all of your hard work."
"The Damage Doctors, LLC has my utmost gratitude for all of their hard work. They were always on time with the monitoring, accommodated our busy schedules by working after the business day, was extremely friendly to my whole family including my dogs and got the job done in no time. I applaud their customer service and their quality of work."
-EARL MYERS, Whitehall, PA