Colmar Sewage Cleanup

What is sewage? Sewage is wastewater that should be carried away from your home. It is liquid or solid waste that is carried away by sewer drains. This type of water is carried from your home to a waste management plant where it is sterilized. This includes used water from your shower, dishwasher, bathtubs, washing machine, kitchen sink, and toilets. Sewage can contain harsh chemicals and contaminated human waste. It can also contain dangerous fungi, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that cause diseases like hepatitis, dermatitis, asthma, damage to kidneys, damage to the liver, and many others that can even be fatal. Sewage is classified as “Class 3” water damage – the worst and deadliest of all classes of water damage. There are many causes of sewage backups including: large objects blocking sewer pipes, roots growing into sewer pipes, structural issues with pipes, and sewer surges – which is when a city’s sewer system is overwhelmed and flooding occurs. When pipes containing sewage back up into your home, it’s vital that you contact a Colmar sewage damage cleanup company immediately to begin the sewage damage cleanup process. Ignoring the problem is a major health hazard. In fact, sewage damage – if not cleaned up quickly and properly – causes toxic black mold. While the elderly and very young or those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to mold, black mold is so toxic that all are at risk. The Damage Doctors, LLC takes sewage cleanup very seriously and puts the safety of you and your family above all else. Call The Damage Doctors, LLC at (267) 385-8816 night or day for a free sewage damage cleanup estimate. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience, and our sewage damage cleanup work is guaranteed. Our Colmar sewage damage cleanup crews are experts at what they do.

How We Cleanup Sewage

The Damage Doctors, LLC’s extensive sewage damage cleanup process ensures the health and safety of you and your family. Our services include: deodorization, total structural drying, contaminated debris removal, sewage water extraction, and sewage cleaning services. Sewage water is extracted with industrial pumps so it is done as quickly as possible. Other areas of your home are protected with heavy plastic. Sewage cleanup technicians wear protective gear and masks to protect themselves and to ensure contaminated water is not spread throughout the property. Contaminated materials such as carpet, furniture, curtains, and bedding are removed and legal disposed of. Sadly, less reputable sewage cleanup companies don’t always consider the environment when hauling debris away. We use a system of fans circulate air throughout the area. This helps speed up the drying process. We use dehumidifiers, too, to remove moisture from the air. The next process is to completely clean the affected area. The Damage Doctors, LLC uses strong cleaning chemicals that kill most bacteria and parasites while preventing mold. This cleaning process does not involve a harsh smell – which makes our scent sensitive customers happy! To avoid future sewage damage, we may suggest a backflow prevention device – which keeps sewage from coming back into your home when sewage systems become overwhelmed with rainwater. We also recommend you use all drains appropriately. Do not use the kitchen sink (or any other drain) to dispose of things like grease or egg shells. Only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down toilets. Sewer pipes aren’t able to handle any heavy duty matter. Lastly, we strongly urge homeowners to contact a qualified sewage cleanup company for all sewage cleanup jobs to avoid the health risks that come with sewage. The Damage Doctors, LLC is one of the leading sewage cleanup companies in the area. Call us today at (267) 385-8816 for your free estimate!

Colmar Sewage Clean Up Companies

Looking for a sewage clean up company in the Colmar area? Look no further! The Damage Doctors, LLC has years and years of experienced sewage clean up workers and is fully licensed and insured to take care of your sewage damage right the first time. Sewage damage contains the worst type of water – Class 3 – water damage – which carries microscopic dangers that can cause disease and toxic black mold. Because of this, we recommend you use an experienced sewage clean up company AND we advise that you steer clear of the contaminated area until sewage clean up technicians arrive at the scene to investigate. Sewage water can also pose an electrocution risk so we don’t recommend you go near the area even if you’ve got a good pair of gloves and boots! From quick sewage water extraction to thoroughly cleaning and drying the affected area to removing contaminated debris from your home, The Damage Doctors, LLC guarantees all the work they do. Our sewage clean up teams use only the latest technology in sewage damage clean up and receive ongoing education so they can provide the best service possible at all times to all homeowners. Speaking of homeowners, we will work directly with your homeowner insurance company. And, since sewage damage tends to happen when you least expect it, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it’s 4 a.m. or 7 p.m, we’re here for you. Contact The Damage Doctors, LLC at (267) 385-8816 today for your free sewage damage clean up estimate. The Damage Doctors, LLC has the experience, know-how and low costs you’re looking for! Our friendly customer service staff awaits your call!

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